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Course Design Worksheets and Canvas Templates

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The following course design worksheets are meant to align with the corresponding course templates provided within Canvas that you can import into your course. Completing the course design worksheet for your course will ensure you have all the necessary components to build a robust course in Canvas. 

Please select the course design worksheet that aligns with the term you’ll be teaching in.

To import the template into your Canvas course shell, first sign in to Canvas, then go to Canvas Commons (located on the main left-hand navigation bar). Search for the template that corresponds to the term you’ll be teaching in.

  • For fall/spring online courses, search “FALL/SPRING 14-WEEK ONLINE.”
  • For undergraduate summer online courses, search “SUMMER ONLINE 7-WEEK.”
  • For pre-college summer online courses, search “PRE-COLLEGE TEMPLATE.”
  • For winter session online courses, search "WINTER SESSION ONLINE TEMPLATE."

Once you have located the template, select “Import/Download,” and then find your course and select “Import into Course.” For more information on how to download from Canvas Commons, please see: How to Import a Template from Canvas Commons?

Also use our Course Checklist to guide your course design and building, and then later to check that your course is ready and effectively designed. 

Other resources are available to assist you. Use the Helpful Links resource as you design, build, and facilitate your online course. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected].

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